The Littlest Things

It’s rare that our back yard birds frequent our porch railing just yet. Our house has invaded their habitat over the last year and so they are still warming up. The feeder is located just at the edge of our woods and is quite a ways from the house itself so it’s a treat to get to photograph any bird this close.

What fascinated me about this photo of this Eastern Bluebird was the tiny circle of feathers around the eye that I never noticed before (click on the photo to enlarge). We’ve see loads of bluebirds here, but it just goes to show there’s always something else to discover when you look at anything up close.


Smell the New Blog Space

A lot of thought has been put into starting a new blog again. For nearly three years I blogged with zero organization or aim; having a slightly disorganized blog wasn’t a bad thing per se. It’s what worked well at the time.

Coming home after work and quickly pounding out a few paragraphs each day without any preparation was enjoyable, and somewhat therapeutic.  I was soon living in a new state, having gone from office to home-based and being newly-married, there was a lot to share with people and blogging was a new trend to try.

As I learned about blogging and starting looking around the web, I quickly found favorite blogs that I followed with interest and admiration. I checked these blogs daily and I realized I was hooked on reading them – I was genuinely curious about these authors and the journeys they took me on with each post. There is so much to learn from those who write well.

And this is what led to today’s new start. As aspects of my life have morphed and changed over the last few years, I want to start with a new blog that reflect this. I want to make the effort to identify and achieve purpose in each day.  I do have at least some wisdom to offer at this point and surely I have a few things to say that the occasional random reader might find entertaining.

I may throw the occasional random commentary in, but I would like to consider my own thoughts more. I would also like to glean purpose from my personal interests that I enjoy documenting to teach me a little more about myself and hopefully have a few things to say that someone may find helpful.