2012 The Year in Review

2012 Gave me a run for my money. Rather, it was a marathon. As we sat at home on New Year’s Eve, we were missing an impromptu neighborhood get-together. We were missing the gathering as I was under the weather with a cold. And I was done in by that cold as it was finally time to be sick and allow myself to finish unwinding from a very challenging year.

The past year I have devoted all hours and free time to work. I have truly given a recent project everything I could and then some. It was a tremendous learning experience and I’m very grateful  for having been given the opportunity to professionally grow and develop in that regard.

Along with that opportunity came the understanding that I also completely dumped and ignored everything I enjoyed outside of work – for the better part of the year. After we moved and the assignment revved up, everything was put aside: books, blog, photography, time spent with family/friends – even our new neighbors would ask me where I was for weeks at a time, not realizing I was in the house working day in and day out.

This year will be spent harmonizing life’s priorities so that I’m able to be a better person to everyone in my life….including me.


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