Where There Are Birds…

The time it takes may vary, but where you feed birds near civilization you will eventually attract cats or other predators of the sweet little birds you enjoy. We learned this in our first neighborhood where an elderly gentleman fed a local group of feral cats a few streets down. No one every complained about them (that I knew of) and it worked well in keeping the cats together and in a central location.

Our feeders have always been high enough to avoid cats or other predators from catching any birds. We also ensure we locate the feeders far enough away from trees ground cover that any birds pecking at fallen seed can’t be surprised by anything lurking near by.

We learned on moving in that a local family outside of our subdivision also feeds a family of outdoor cats. It was only a matter of weeks before they had trekked through the woods and discovered us. Fortunately, we’ve seen them try to jump and they can’t reach the feeders.

This is one of two cats of that local group we’ve seen take up position by the feeders. The cats don’t come around often, but every few days we see one sulking around the bottom of the feeders since it can’t jump high enough and the birds know to stay away. At some point we plan to move the feeders closer to the house but we’re giving our newly seeded back yard a chance to take first. Being animal people, we now enjoy both bird watching and cat watching as well!


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