First Snowfall of the Season

We were excited to see the forecast for snow this week. We always enjoy a good snow and we were looking forward to what our neighborhood would look like cover in the white stuff. And boy did we get a great one Thursday night. The snowflakes that fell during the night were the size of half-dollars at one point. The hubby grabbed his fish-eye lens and snapped this picture from the front windows on our second floor.


The birds were certainly out once the sun rose. This red-bellied woodpecker stopped by as well as a host of all sorts of other birds. He evidently had figured out that he could use his bill to pry open the feeder – thankfully he didn’t actually make it into the seed.


The back of our house faces woods and it was so peaceful and dreamlike this morning when we woke up.  If the ground hadn’t been such a wet mess from days of rain that came before the snow, I would have loved to pull on my boots and take a stroll.


It’s almost our own little piece of Narnia here when it snows 🙂


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