Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

In addition to the many interesting posts made at The Daily Post each day, they share photo challenges that results in WordPress bloggers posting about inspiring and thoughtful photographs. A recent challenge was to post a photo “that invites the viewer to look beyond” to see “hidden depths in the background”.

This photo was taken at the North Shore of Hawaii where we were waiting to board a boat to take us cage diving with sharks. At the time, I took this just as a quick snap to remind me of what the marina looked like. It was serene here in the early morning with just a gentle lapping of water audible.


Later when I saw the picture on my computer, I was struck by how many different details jumped out at me. The boat in the foreground stands out first. But then you notice the stillness of the water and the detail of the structure in the background along with its reflection. The wood grain texture of the aging storage cabinet in front with peeling paint adds something too. Finally, the foreboding presence of dark clouds approaching in the background provides a background for it all.

As a footnote, we should have thought better of our trip with those clouds rolling in, as the cold, pitching seas that we dove in that day resulted in my husband and I being the most seasick we’ve both ever been. But we managed to suffer through it and still got to dive with the sharks in the beautiful azure Pacific ocean.


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