Bump in the Night

In living next to a heavily wooded area, I’ve always been curious what may be coming through the property at night. Previously we’ve seen a wide variety of birds of course, but we’ve also seen deer, opossums,and rabbit on random occasion. Towards the end of last year, I received an outdoor camera as a gift. Ever since, we’ve been checking the images taken at night (and daytime as well) when we’re not watching.

The camera is motion-activated and this can sometimes result in numerous photos to wade through that are nothing more than random birds and squirrels, or moving branches in view of the lens. However, occasionally we are surprised to find nighttime travelers that frequent our back yard. (You can click on the pictures to increase their size)

2012-12-29 - 0533 - 0010

Deer on the Move


From What We Can Tell – A Fox


One of Many Rabbit Appearances

These pictures are from the last few weeks when it was quite cold at night. We look forward to seeing what else is going bump in the night around here as Spring continues to arrive!


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