An Effort in Spring Flowers

Ever since we moved into our house last year, I’ve been eagerly waiting for warmer weather to start planting flowers and minor landscape improvements. I will be the very first to admit that I have a small amount of gardening experience. While I wanted to just cover our front and back yard with a rainbow of expertly maintained foliage, I’m enough of a realist to lower my imaginative altitude with what are hopefully fool-proof perennials. I’m very  much that person who reads the beautiful garden magazines and thinks I can make it happen in a season. So, we’re starting with hardy things that I’m hoping will hold up to any bugs, disease, drought or my inexperience:


Our builder originally planted the boxwood, holly and nandina bushes when the house was built last year. But I just had to add some color. The pink flowers are phlox and the blue flowers are lithodora. I’m hoping to see these grow together over the next 2-3 years into a thick ground cover. As you can tell from the photos, we still have to re-organize our drip hoses we installed last year and perhaps re-orient the drain pipes the builder installed at the end of our gutters (really have to do something more aesthetically pleasing with those).


We also planted 8 Apricot Drift rose bushes in between the boxwood and nandina bushes. The roses are a bit on the small side right now, but as they are related to the Knockout roses, they will eventually fill out and bloom well this summer. Our front mulch beds receive full-on sun every day so I tried to select things that would tolerate this well. I’m really hoping they will make it and strengthen up for years to come. (Oh yes, and the square paver was originally set there to balance our bird bath which included a lovely solar fountain. However after 3 years of use, the resin material it was made of completely broke down and we’re going to have to discard it and find a new one soon.)


On a whim, we also brought home a lemon bush and a lime bush. I have zero experience in growing these on a patio, as partial sun/shade potted locations are what they’re primed for, but we’ll see. Should be interesting!

Lastly, we hauled home several pots of irises for a project we’re just now starting. If all goes well, I hope to have a new mulch bed in the back yard where we have one of our bird feeders and a bird bath. I though it would be nice to add a ring of iris around the bird bath and at some point, add some flowers the birds will enjoy. I’ll have to add those pictures when there’s enough activity happening to take a picture of (still waiting for the mulch to arrive).

Still lots to do with our new plants but here’s to a hopefully successful gardening start to our property!


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