Daily Prompt: Why Do You Blog?

Why do you blog?

Blogging is breathing fresh air for my brain.

After a long day of  mental computation and containing my thoughts to specific information, being able to throw together a fun post is a relief. I enjoy how I can draft up a thought or a recent photograph, and then its game on as to how I’d like to present it or position the content. I’m no writer – not by a very long stretch. I’m decent with the camera, but there are loads and loads of other folks out there who have real talent as actual photographers. But blogging still allows me to accomplish several things:

  • Convenience – The typical updates for friends and family far away. I share much more interesting information on a blog in addition to the conversations and emails. It adds things they can’t see or know in being far away and includes things that we can’t always cram into quick discussions.
  • Control – I prefer my own blog platform to communicating the same information on other forms of social media.  Granted, there’s always something outside of your control when you’re publishing things about yourself on the internet in any form. That said, I have more control and confidence in managing a blog than I do with other tools.
  • Community – There’s more opportunity to learn new things and see more ideas in visiting other blogs and this only helps you craft your own. I love happening onto a new blog and realizing I’ve found something really interesting to read or learning something new. You also occasionally establish connections between blogs every so often.
  • Checking Yourself – Once you’ve blogged for a while, take the time to review your old posts. Read your own content again once in a blue moon. Hindsight is 20/20 and it’s interesting how you see your old posts and think on why you published what you did and how you feel about it now.

As this is my third blog, it’s all still a lighthearted work in progress. I don’t take myself or my blog too seriously, but I do try to offer something worth your time if you stop by and take away a little something for myself to grow on.


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