The Photo Predicament

2013-04-26 Keyboard

My prior laptop had several issues going on and the time had come to find a new computer. So here I sit, fingers happily typing along on new keys and enjoying the love-fest my eyes are having with a crisp, new screen.

However, the issue I’m now having is what to do with the thousands of old photographs on my old laptop. With the prior 2 blogs I kept up before this one, I could easily find myself dumping hundreds of photos at a time onto my hard drive to pick and choose the best pictures from to post, but I was terrible at taking the time to remove those I didn’t use. These are all mixed in with family and personal photos and will take weeks to work through undoubtedly.

I love starting off with an empty computer rather than immediately moving over large amounts of data and taking up half the huge amount of storage right off the bat. I’ll have to figure something out as to my game plan to tidy up the old and new computers without deleting it all in a fit of frustration and impatience. Personally, I’m a big fan of if you don’t miss something after a certain amount of time, you probably wouldn’t miss it at all and should go ahead and just gift yourself some extra space.

Hopefully, the newness of this computer will continue to inspire me to simplify things going forward so that I don’t need to repeat this massive photo organization effort. Bring on the cappuccino and the ergonomic wrist supports!


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