Hail Sense

This was the way things were looking by the time we arrived at the local restaurant in town around 7 last night. We knew a storm was on the way, but per the weather map, it appeared the worst of it had just missed us. While spooky, I loved the clouds and whipped out my phone to snap a shot.IMG_2016

It was like this as far as the eye could see. However, again, per the weather map, we went on in to enjoy some warm food as my other half had just driven in from a long day and the idea of heading out had been on my mind all afternoon.


The lights flickered in the restaurant towards the end of our meal and that was our signal to pay. (Our town tends to always lose power when storms roll through so this is not new for us). We still headed on our way to a little ice cream treat from a drive through as things weren’t that bad outside, it was still dark and spooky but no rain and our home was just 2 miles away. As we sat in the drive-through waiting our turn, we watched the clouds gather further. Hearing the increasing thunder, the first drops of rain plopped on the roof of the car and I had a sense something was about to happen. “It’s about to hail” I warned my husband.

Not 10 seconds later, we could heard the occasional “plink” of hail hitting the car. I took a moment deciding whether that was the worst it would be; little tiny hail balls would be ok and wouldn’t damage the car. Just a few moments later the first “thunk” of a heavy ball of ice hitting the car was all I needed. We peeled out of drive-through line. No ice cream tonight!

Thinking we didn’t have time before the hail that would damage the car (not to mention at driving speed), we  pulled into a local gas station with a wide cover to ride out the weather. We did a little impromptu shopping for a snack and filled up the tank while we waited things out. Once it had passed, we headed on home. What’s a dinner out without a little weather adventure?


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