After the Rain

This weekend, we awoke to a serendipity on our back porch after a terrible thunderstorm had blown through. A luna moth had become overcome with water on its wings and was stuck to the wood on our deck. I had only seen pictures of these but knew exactly what it was. Being afraid to touch its wings or injure it, I tore napkins and used the fuzzy edges to touch to the water droplets to soak up enough of it that it could raise its wings off the wood.

2013-05-15 Luna Moth 1

Once it had shivered a bit, the sun rose and it began to warm itself. Unfortunately, things weren’t looking good for this beautiful animal. Both injured and likely at the end of its life cycle, we had been chosen as its final landing spot.

2013-05-15 Luna Moth 2

Luna moths are so striking, not only due to their size and ethereal appearance, but also as not being something you’re likely to come across often. I held it for the longest time not quite sure what to do for it. It was terribly windy and I couldn’t just let it be blown about; its wings were so wide that it kept being flung about by the strong breezes. I took it into the woods and placed it on a soft patch of moss below a holly bush where it was sheltered from the wind. While I was sad to see something so perfect and wonderful come to an end, I was thankful to be able to hold a luna moth in my hand.


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