Manual Moon Shot

My husband has the uncanny ability to snatch up one of our cameras and take these really great manual shots of the night sky. I’m terrible at it and I always get way too much motion when I try due to how long the shutter has to stay open. But somehow, he always lands beautiful pictures for me to envy….especially when he doesn’t even have to use a tripod.



Congratulations – It’s a Lime

I’ve always wanted to grow something I could eat, but citrus fruit seemed always out of the question here in Virginia. I never envisioned how anything fruity would grow here other than something like apples or other common type crop foods (especially in a planter on our deck). So it was really on a lark we purchased a lemon and lime bush at a local nursery earlier in the spring this year. Why not, we thought, it might be fun.


Lo and behold, on glancing out through our patio doors the other day, there was the beginning of a tiny lime. Currently it’s about the size of a large grape, but it’s definitely a lime. We’ll be on the lookout to see if a lemon will happen this year or not from the other bush.