Nearly Missed It

On briefly glancing outside as I was upstairs today, I caught sight of a Cooper’s Hawk resting in the trees above our feeders. As my camera was downstairs, I did the dance of the bumblebee down the staircase and switched lenses in time to snag a very quick picture before it flew off.

2013-10-28 Coopers Hawk

Unfortunately I didn’t get great shots due to being quite out of breath when I finally got to a first floor window with camera in hand and having difficulty focusing on the bird and not the trees before it took off. But some minor editing brought out enough detail to get the overall details.

2013-10-28 Coopers Hawk 2


In feeding birds the last few years I’ve noticed that hawks will have a presence near feeders; not regularly but they will show up once in a while. It can be out of curiosity, looking for a small bird snack or sipping at the bird bath, where the feeders are, a hawk there will likely be.


Fall Pumpkin Seeds

It’s interesting how every so often, you can have the chance to try or experience something you’ve done before, but for whatever reason, this time you love it.

2013-10-27 Pumpkin Seeds

Every Fall, my husband loves to carve out his Halloween pumpkin and take the seeds from it and bake them in the oven for a seasonal treat. Truthfully, I can’t stand them. There’s no taste to them, and without the massive amounts of salt, I never saw any value to them – period. I never understood what he loved about them. Every year, I’d sample one or two, make my traditional face of disgust and let him have them.

This year, however, I love them (?!?). Granted, they don’t taste amazing per se, but they’re quite snacktastic. Once I made my face of aversion to them, he caught me snatching a few last night and again this morning, I found myself stealing a few. Maybe it’s because I love all salty snack food, but for whatever reason, they grew on me this year – who’d have thought it?