Night Travelers

2013-12-20 Deer

Found this image on our night vision camera we have in our back yard. Seems we still have the occasional deer making their way through our property at night. Am happy to see they are doing well and are still around.


First Icy Weather

The only real winter weather so far happened earlier this month. We knew in advance it was coming so we’d been tossing out additional squirrel and critter feed and keeping the feeders full. The animals always know when weather is on the way, you can tell when you see them out feeding in force a day or two before it arrives.

2013-12-07 Ice 1


We still have virtually all the same birds coming around as this summer with the exception of the hummingbirds and goldfinches. We use mainly fruit and nut blends for the higher protein in our feeder seed and the songbirds and woodpeckers alike seem to like it.

2013-12-07 Ice 2

I’m not sure if the bluebirds I saw were the same birds whose nest was robbed earlier this year, but they continue to stick around.

2013-12-07 Ice 3


We continue to look out for the squirrels as well. We throw plenty of feed out on the ground for them but they still prefer to scurry up the bird feeder pole and snug tightly in under the roof of the feeder to snack on the seed there.