And More Snow

This week, Virginia had more snow than last week. I am particularly enjoying it as normally when it snows I still work full days from my home office and never get days off due to weather anymore. But this week I’m on vacation and I got to stay up late watching it fall for a change! It was only about 3 inches in our area, but it was pretty nonetheless. In checking out some of the news coverage of other areas (i.e. Atlanta, GA), we lucked out.

2014-01-29 Snow


It was pretty chilly…



Any my Junco snowbirds were out in force, scouring the ground for fallen seed…



My favorite moment however, was the night during the snow where it was so cold, the snowflakes sat on the window frame holding their perfect little crystalline shapes. I’ve rarely seen snow in the right light and clearly enough to admire their unique patterns. While this isn’t the most focused shot, it was the best I could do with manual focus on my husband’s 50mm lens in the night with the porch light on. I was focusing on that one, pristine little flake in the middle.



Goodbye Snow – Hello San Diego

Last week I had a plane to catch the morning after some serious snow in several states. While we didn’t exactly get hit with much here in Virginia (just a few inches in places), it was the thought of driving down the interstate after a night of freezing temperatures that had me concerned. Little did I realize that the interstate roads were fine, more or less, but it was on arriving at the airport that it was evident nothing had been plowed. After one missed attempt at sliding into entrance to the daily parking decks, I made it on time to my flight.

2014-01-22 Minnesota

I especially had no complaints about Virginia weather when I had to connect through St. Paul, Minnesota. Which, by the way, if you should ever need to connect through this airport, it’s one of the more enjoyable airports I’ve been through! Very interesting shops and it looked to have really comfortable eateries and relaxing areas to plug-in and converse with others. I’ll hand it to them, the folks on the ground outside kept those planes de-iced and humming – it was impressive and I said nothing further about Virginia’s weather the rest of the day.

2014-01-22 San Diego Night

Fortunately, my purpose in flying out for 5 days was for business in San Diego, California. How nice it was to go from freezing temperatures to the 70’s and sunshine. Having never spent time in California before (other than connecting through LAX which doesn’t count), it was wonderful. On arriving exhausted after flying all day when I didn’t have a good night’s rest to begin with, it was quite nice to end the evening with a beautiful city view from my balcony.

2014-01-24 Marina

The hotel where I was staying and working out of faced San Diego Bay. It was calming walking by the marina, admiring the numerous boats and the view of the water. The photo here doesn’t do the marina justice as it was quite large, but I rather liked this photo of the boat gliding in through the entrance.

Can I say, the food in the city was amazing! Each restaurant my team and I were taken to was a hit. I would gladly travel back some day to be able to have more time to explore the area. Typically trips like this one are flying to a hotel, working from the hotel, only venturing out for dinners with a group and then flying back out again a few days later. Though it was all work, I still had a great time and look forward to visiting again.