And More Snow

This week, Virginia had more snow than last week. I am particularly enjoying it as normally when it snows I still work full days from my home office and never get days off due to weather anymore. But this week I’m on vacation and I got to stay up late watching it fall for a change! It was only about 3 inches in our area, but it was pretty nonetheless. In checking out some of the news coverage of other areas (i.e. Atlanta, GA), we lucked out.

2014-01-29 Snow


It was pretty chilly…



Any my Junco snowbirds were out in force, scouring the ground for fallen seed…



My favorite moment however, was the night during the snow where it was so cold, the snowflakes sat on the window frame holding their perfect little crystalline shapes. I’ve rarely seen snow in the right light and clearly enough to admire their unique patterns. While this isn’t the most focused shot, it was the best I could do with manual focus on my husband’s 50mm lens in the night with the porch light on. I was focusing on that one, pristine little flake in the middle.



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