The Look You Get

2014-02-25 Carmen

The “Stop that” look I get when I awaken my office manager during the work day from her book shelf loft. A shining example of productivity.


Clearing the Air

Evidently, there’s a little clearing of the air that needs to be done here. The people who visit my blog might leave me forever if I don’t.

I called my folks this morning to talk about the snow falling in Virginia and life in general. However a certain blog post was directly brought to my attention with all the maternal love and kindness that prepared me for the certain fact that I had seriously erred in my ways somehow.

“Honey you should pour Clorox down your drain.”

“What are you talking about?”

“That picture on your blog. Your sink. It’s…dirty”

“I swear Mom, it’s clean. There’s absolutely nothing dirty about our sink.”

“You should look at that picture.”

On staring at it for a second, I realized she was seeing  the shadow of my hand leaning over the right side of the drain to snap a picture with my iPhone.

Oh the horror.

For a moment there, I thought I had slipped up and brought shame and dishonor to my family for all the internet to see. We might have had to sell the house, take the cat and move to a secret location to ride this thing out. Eventually, once it all blew over, we could resume our jobs and normal life.

I promise, Mom, you raised your girl better than to show the blogging world a dirty sink. On my honor it’s clean.

Winter Blue Jay

2014-02-15 Blue Jay

Found these on my memory card from the last snow storm we had. The beautiful blue hues stood out clearly from the trees and icy branches. I couldn’t bear to toss them.

2014-02-15 Blue Jay 2

He looked like a true winter bird in this weather. He sat very still while trying to keep dry and only stayed around until he could land on the feeders and have his fill before he flew away.

An Icy Encounter

2014-02-25 Ice 1

The weather reports have been saying we might get snow of some amount tomorrow, but I had my own icy encounter just now…compliments of my ice maker. Yep, I’ve decided, I’m going to complain about this one. Table of misery and frustration – party of 1.

I really don’t understand. We send people to space, we grow organs and we have 3D printing, but we can’t keep ice makers from freezing up.

And I’d just like to know….What’s up with that?

We bought a beast of a refrigerator when we built here and were so proud of how huge it was and all its bells and whistles. It even has one of those trendy bottom freezer types (I am remarkably talented at causing things to fall out of top-shelf freezers so this was a bonus).

Alas, every few days when we press the magic ice button, all you hear is the sound of gears stalling behind the door and the ensuing groan from whoever is standing there with a sad, empty glass.

Obviously I’m already frustrated by it. Seriously, the washers and dryers out there basically do everything now except tune up your car. How about a little attention to ice makers?

Today was primed for it though. Just one of those days.  And when I went to launch the ice machine into action…nothing.

Well that was all it took.

The ice container may have been yanked out a little too roughly. Words might have been said. And there was definitely carnage. Of both the ice and plastic kind. Admittedly a few parts had to be reassembled.

I glanced over at my cat in the midst of it all and Carmen the tabby sat watching from the kitchen table with a face that clearly said “I don’t understand you AT ALL, but you’re slightly amusing” and then proceeded to lick her foot.

2014-02-25 Ice 2

(In case my  husband read this – Don’t worry, I didn’t break our fridge, the ice-maker now works again).

It’s About to be All Kinds of Awesome

Oh I know it’s 50 degrees outside, but as I’m writing this, 2 windows are open downstairs where my office is. It’s just so fresh and bright outside. I can’t help it, I really can’t. I’m breathing in the sweet, glorious breezes blowing my curtains about and it’s delicious. The sun is so strong you can almost overlook the temperatures. 

The birds are even singing for goodness sakes.

There’s something motivating about the seasons changing, even if it’s still winter. You can tell, something’s afoot out there and it’s about to be all kinds of awesome.

Just now I even wiped down my kitchen, on my lunch break. Do you know how much of a good mood I have to be in to dedicate part of my precious lunch hour and potential other time to cleaning something? Pretty darn skippy.

I give it maybe an hour and then I’ll notice the chill in the house and I’ll close them again. But it’s just so great – especially considering we’re likely getting snow again tomorrow night. You’d think it was time to start digging in the ground and planting our vegetables already.

But not quite yet. (Cup half empty).

Almost, though! (Cup half full).


Cotton Balls with Feet

Near our little town, there are a lot of outdoor/hunting/garden/home-town-hardware type stores and we like shopping at these places. We don’t live on a farm, we don’t hunt and we only have a small garden to tend, but we definitely prefer these places to the big box stores.

A recent addition to this side of the world was a Tractor Supply Co. store. I’ve heard about this chain but had never been to one. On venturing in today, I was still pleased to see each aisle had something we could use.

Cat supplies – check. Garden supplies – check. Housewares – check. Fluffy baby chicks – check.

Wait – what?

Yes, you heard me. Fluffy, soft, newborn, baby chicks!

2014-02-22 Chicks

They were set up really well with staff members who adored them and took care in looking after them. I had groceries in the car, but was so happy to just stand in the store and walk from tub to tub having an adore-fest with these little cotton balls with feet.

If you can’t look at a 3-day old baby chick and not fall head over heels in love, you have lost your humanity.

Did I take any home? Unfortunately not. Would I have? In a heart beat. Our HOA prohibits any farm animals though, and chickens are included in that category. I did immediately text my husband though to inform him we needed to move immediately so we can have baby chicks to have farm-fresh eggs.

A Pileated Return

2014-02-20 Pileated 1

You won’t likely see too many pictures of our pileated woodpeckers on my blog. They stay far away from our feeders and we might see them just 4-5 times a year so it was exciting to see them make a return tour here today. Whenever they visit, we take several pictures because it’s a rarity compared to the regular birds we see on a day to day basis.

2014-02-20 Pileated 3

You can tell this is the female by the gray on top of her head as opposed to the male who has all red on the top.

2014-02-20 Pileated 2

Heaven knows I’ve tried to get good pictures of them in flight. But it’s such a struggle. They never sit still and constantly flit from tree, to ground, to branch, to trunk, to ground etc. And once they take off I can never get them back in frame again before they’ve landed elsewhere.

2014-02-20 Pileated 4

Striking, aren’t they? They’re larger than the songbirds and other woodpeckers; much like the size of a crow or a duck, in fact. You can’t miss them when they’re flying around in your field of vision.

2014-02-20 Pileated 5

Hopefully I’ll see them again before too long. I hope I never take for granted the wonderful things I see in the woods each day.