Reboot to Nothing

2014-02-02 Cup of Tea

Change: Sometimes you have to demand it, but sometimes, it demands you.

Work has chewed me up and spit me out over the last few months and I had to take some time off. Taking vacation directly after business travel wasn’t great timing on one hand, but on the other, a better opportunity wasn’t on the horizon.

I’ve had the place to myself for the last week while my other half was traveling. I did end up having to mark a day or two on the clock due to hot-ticket items popping up in my absence, but I got several days in without cracking my work laptop otherwise. While I have been to some great places in the name of vacation before, this was one of the most restful times of annual leave that I’ve taken from the office. What made it so wonderful?

Absolutely nothing.

I did nothing. Travel wasn’t required to get away, nor was packing a suitcase or spending hardly any money. I woke up when I wanted, I went to sleep when I wanted. And I slept well every single night. Each day my mind was allowed to wander to no end. It was so refreshing to make no calculated decisions, problem solve or prioritize any tasks. Sometimes, you just have to reboot your mind to remind yourself what it feels like to really let it all go.

Tomorrow will bring the 7 a.m. start of my work day, an inbox that has surely maxed out its gargantuan limit and more to catch up on than is possible in a day. However, I am going to bring my bliss with me from the last week and am making the decision tonight that no one or their problems are allowed inside my little bubble of goodness for as long as I can stay inside.


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