Fingers and Paws Crossed

2014-01-28 Carment Nap

Our little tabby, Carmen, is under the weather. Last year, we had a scare about this time that included a trip to the vet where we were told she was in such dire straits, she was likely to not be with us from the next day to a few weeks. That’s always a hard conversation to have with your vet when it seems just the day before, your pet was fine in every sense.

Well, as you can guess, things turned around as she’s still with us now. In fact, a few months after force-pilling her each morning and evening and trying different diets, she rebounded. We even were able to return her to her normal food and just December  had stopped pilling her altogether. Over the course of last year our vet, who is the best vet you could ever hope for, happily couldn’t explain her good fortune and was amazed at her progress. We were thrilled – no explanation needed.

The primary symptom we saw last year has re-surfaced but after pilling her immediately and a good bit of napping, she seems to be resting comfortably. Here’s to hoping it’s just a blip on the radar of otherwise good health for our furry family member.


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