Winter Wonderland

2014-02-13 Snow Bath

We awoke this morning to another winter wonderland in the woods. Our miniature azalea bushes around our bird bath are generally about 6-8 inches tall so with the slush and ice on top of the snow, I’d guess we’re standing at around 4-5 inches right now. The pictures so far all have that morning light blue-ness to them. We’ll snap some more later today if we get the additional snow and ice we’re supposed to.

2014-02-13 Snow Scene

The woods are so beautiful in the winter. Even without leaves, mother nature always has a way to show off the beauty of the trees in every season.

2014-02-13 Feeder

Boy are the birds out in force. The juncos are usually the first out in the snow. They are ground feeders and don’t put two and two together that there is plenty of seed in the feeders. We obliged and threw some seed onto the snow for them to munch on.

2014-02-13 Cat Watch

Carmen quickly established her spot to monitor the back yard from a window. The crows in particular gave her great consternation that she couldn’t run out and tease them.

2014-02-13 Squirrel Hang

The poor squirrels had quite a time making it up the feeder pole. One feeder we have a baffle on but we are generally OK with them on this one. This fella would scamper halfway up and begin to slide down again on the ice.

2014-02-13 Snow Squirrel

After giving up on the pole, he settled for digging into the snow for old seeds that had dropped to the ground. Feeling sorry for him, we threw some corn out to him so the little guys were taken care of too.


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