Sunshine and Seeds

2014-02-14 Chipping Sparrows 1

As the snows melted in the woods behind our home, the chipping sparrows were having a field day swinging around in the breeze, munching on the seeds in the long-dried grasses.

2014-02-14 Chipping Sparrows 2

The sun came out in full force and began to melt everything straight away. It was amazing how quickly several inches of snow has begun to disappear. With the buttery sunshine everywhere, it made for a good opportunity to grab a seed snack.

2014-02-14 Chipping Sparrows 3

These two were quite funny as they both hung on to their grass surfboard and rode the air waves. They bounced up and down and swayed in the wind but never wobbled.

2014-02-14 Chipping Sparrows 4

After saving all my pictures from this set, I nearly deleted this photo without noticing the birds in flight against the tree bark that had just released their hold on the grasses . It’s not the clearest of photos but I liked it all the same.


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