A Pileated Return

2014-02-20 Pileated 1

You won’t likely see too many pictures of our pileated woodpeckers on my blog. They stay far away from our feeders and we might see them just 4-5 times a year so it was exciting to see them make a return tour here today. Whenever they visit, we take several pictures because it’s a rarity compared to the regular birds we see on a day to day basis.

2014-02-20 Pileated 3

You can tell this is the female by the gray on top of her head as opposed to the male who has all red on the top.

2014-02-20 Pileated 2

Heaven knows I’ve tried to get good pictures of them in flight. But it’s such a struggle. They never sit still and constantly flit from tree, to ground, to branch, to trunk, to ground etc. And once they take off I can never get them back in frame again before they’ve landed elsewhere.

2014-02-20 Pileated 4

Striking, aren’t they? They’re larger than the songbirds and other woodpeckers; much like the size of a crow or a duck, in fact. You can’t miss them when they’re flying around in your field of vision.

2014-02-20 Pileated 5

Hopefully I’ll see them again before too long. I hope I never take for granted the wonderful things I see in the woods each day.


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