Cotton Balls with Feet

Near our little town, there are a lot of outdoor/hunting/garden/home-town-hardware type stores and we like shopping at these places. We don’t live on a farm, we don’t hunt and we only have a small garden to tend, but we definitely prefer these places to the big box stores.

A recent addition to this side of the world was a Tractor Supply Co. store. I’ve heard about this chain but had never been to one. On venturing in today, I was still pleased to see each aisle had something we could use.

Cat supplies – check. Garden supplies – check. Housewares – check. Fluffy baby chicks – check.

Wait – what?

Yes, you heard me. Fluffy, soft, newborn, baby chicks!

2014-02-22 Chicks

They were set up really well with staff members who adored them and took care in looking after them. I had groceries in the car, but was so happy to just stand in the store and walk from tub to tub having an adore-fest with these little cotton balls with feet.

If you can’t look at a 3-day old baby chick and not fall head over heels in love, you have lost your humanity.

Did I take any home? Unfortunately not. Would I have? In a heart beat. Our HOA prohibits any farm animals though, and chickens are included in that category. I did immediately text my husband though to inform him we needed to move immediately so we can have baby chicks to have farm-fresh eggs.


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