It’s About to be All Kinds of Awesome

Oh I know it’s 50 degrees outside, but as I’m writing this, 2 windows are open downstairs where my office is. It’s just so fresh and bright outside. I can’t help it, I really can’t. I’m breathing in the sweet, glorious breezes blowing my curtains about and it’s delicious. The sun is so strong you can almost overlook the temperatures. 

The birds are even singing for goodness sakes.

There’s something motivating about the seasons changing, even if it’s still winter. You can tell, something’s afoot out there and it’s about to be all kinds of awesome.

Just now I even wiped down my kitchen, on my lunch break. Do you know how much of a good mood I have to be in to dedicate part of my precious lunch hour and potential other time to cleaning something? Pretty darn skippy.

I give it maybe an hour and then I’ll notice the chill in the house and I’ll close them again. But it’s just so great – especially considering we’re likely getting snow again tomorrow night. You’d think it was time to start digging in the ground and planting our vegetables already.

But not quite yet. (Cup half empty).

Almost, though! (Cup half full).



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