An Icy Encounter

2014-02-25 Ice 1

The weather reports have been saying we might get snow of some amount tomorrow, but I had my own icy encounter just now…compliments of my ice maker. Yep, I’ve decided, I’m going to complain about this one. Table of misery and frustration – party of 1.

I really don’t understand. We send people to space, we grow organs and we have 3D printing, but we can’t keep ice makers from freezing up.

And I’d just like to know….What’s up with that?

We bought a beast of a refrigerator when we built here and were so proud of how huge it was and all its bells and whistles. It even has one of those trendy bottom freezer types (I am remarkably talented at causing things to fall out of top-shelf freezers so this was a bonus).

Alas, every few days when we press the magic ice button, all you hear is the sound of gears stalling behind the door and the ensuing groan from whoever is standing there with a sad, empty glass.

Obviously I’m already frustrated by it. Seriously, the washers and dryers out there basically do everything now except tune up your car. How about a little attention to ice makers?

Today was primed for it though. Just one of those days.  And when I went to launch the ice machine into action…nothing.

Well that was all it took.

The ice container may have been yanked out a little too roughly. Words might have been said. And there was definitely carnage. Of both the ice and plastic kind. Admittedly a few parts had to be reassembled.

I glanced over at my cat in the midst of it all and Carmen the tabby sat watching from the kitchen table with a face that clearly said “I don’t understand you AT ALL, but you’re slightly amusing” and then proceeded to lick her foot.

2014-02-25 Ice 2

(In case my  husband read this – Don’t worry, I didn’t break our fridge, the ice-maker now works again).


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