Clearing the Air

Evidently, there’s a little clearing of the air that needs to be done here. The people who visit my blog might leave me forever if I don’t.

I called my folks this morning to talk about the snow falling in Virginia and life in general. However a certain blog post was directly brought to my attention with all the maternal love and kindness that prepared me for the certain fact that I had seriously erred in my ways somehow.

“Honey you should pour Clorox down your drain.”

“What are you talking about?”

“That picture on your blog. Your sink. It’s…dirty”

“I swear Mom, it’s clean. There’s absolutely nothing dirty about our sink.”

“You should look at that picture.”

On staring at it for a second, I realized she was seeing  the shadow of my hand leaning over the right side of the drain to snap a picture with my iPhone.

Oh the horror.

For a moment there, I thought I had slipped up and brought shame and dishonor to my family for all the internet to see. We might have had to sell the house, take the cat and move to a secret location to ride this thing out. Eventually, once it all blew over, we could resume our jobs and normal life.

I promise, Mom, you raised your girl better than to show the blogging world a dirty sink. On my honor it’s clean.


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