Cue the Snow…Again

2014-03-03 Snow

One more round of the white stuff today. We’re expecting 4-8″ so we’ll be indoors again for a bit. I had settled in last night watching the Oscars and just before I drifted off completely on the sofa, woke up with a start. Knowing the weather was coming and temperatures would be dropping, I realized we hadn’t topped off the bird feeders and they were quite low on seed.

So the husband being the good man he is, threw on a coat with me and we trudged out back to fill up all the feeders and make sure the squirrels and the rest of the wild kingdom would have food today.

2014-03-03 Bath

You might not think of ensuring birds have water in snow, but they still need this. We keep a water warmer in the bird bath and this helps in the winter quite a bit. It kicks on when the temperature goes below freezing and keeps the water just warm enough that it doesn’t freeze over. It has lasted for 4 years now and is still going strong through all types of weather conditions. We bring it in once the possibility of freezing temperatures is gone for the season.

2014-03-03 Junco

This little junco was balancing  on one foot this morning while keeping the other foot warm tucked in its downy feathers.

While it’s a little bit of a bummer to have gone from the balmy sunshine of yesterday to the frigid snow of today, this should be the last one. And truthfully, I’ll be wishing for the snow once we’re in the throes of August most likely so I’ll still enjoy today.

Hope you can find something to enjoy about today too wherever you are!


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