Snowy Song Sparrow – Or Maybe Not?

2014-03-03 Sparrow 1

So this guy has me puzzled a bit. It looks like a song sparrow, but I’ve never seen one with the reddish-brown markings on the face before.

2014-03-03 Sparrow 2

Then I was really confused to see it had the same rusty color on the wings a bit too. It’s entirely possible it’s a song sparrow with some variation, but after a quick look through my go-to online source (, I didn’t find a perfect match so far. If I’m wrong and you have a thought as to what it is instead, let me know.

2014-03-03 Sparrow 3

It’s injured its leg somehow and had quite a time hopping around and resting on its belly in the snow while gobbling up seed. He or she will be OK I think as it seemed pretty adept at flying and managing on the ground. This morning I found it huddled under our porch where it’s dry, all fluffed into a ball and moving so that’s a good sign in the bitter cold.


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