Chance Meeting

2014-03-16 HawkThe sharpness of the picture here is not the greatest, as far as posting to a blog goes. By sheer chance my eye just happened to catch the blob sitting a ways off in the tree line. I couldn’t tell at first if it was a clump of leaves or something else. Once I took a moment to allow my eyes to focus on it through my lens, I realized it was a Red-shouldered Hawk. I had just seconds to try to focus on the bird instead of the branches and with terrible light. Every enhancement my Macbook offered to edit this picture just didn’t help that much. I’m still glad I got the picture though, regardless.

2014-03-16 Hawk 2They’re pretty common around here as far as the type of hawk you see. But I still get excited when I see one quietly perched in the high branches, observing the movements of the smaller animals below on the ground. It’s far easier to see one gliding across a highway or over a farm field than sitting in a tree. Somehow, I felt like this one knew it was being watched and as soon as I clicked the shutter, off it flew.


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