R&R Rain

2014-04-15 Rain

Sometimes you need a little rain to fall…in a good way.

Today the temperature is every-window-in-the-house-open pleasant. The pollen hasn’t yet painted the world yellow and everything is gloriously greening up outside.

All morning a gentle rain has wrapped the house in a blanket of soothing sound that didn’t let anything else from the outside world in. There were no other distractions (well other than my work laptop as I tapped away in my office), just mother nature reminding me how relaxing the world can be if I would appreciate little things like the rain a bit more often when they happen. I opened as many windows where the rain wouldn’t blow through and listened while I worked.

A little gratitude is surely due on my part for such a relaxing morning and I hope we all take a moment to enjoy such things when we have them.


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