Indigo Buntings

My parents share my appreciation for birds. While watching the feeders from their back deck during my visit here in North Carolina, I saw my first Indigo Buntings.

2014-04-27 I.Buntings 1

After a quick familial consensus of what they were, I snagged someone else’s camera to at least come home with a picture. This was the first sighting of these bright blue birds here as well and I was afraid it might be a one-time visit.

2014-04-27 I.Buntings 2

We didn’t see any females about, just the two males. They enjoyed the seed buffet that had fallen under the feeders and then flitted off to the nearby azalea bushes.

2014-04-27 I.Buntings 3

Such striking and brilliant birds to get to see. Hopefully, they’ll stick around the rest of this summer and be there the next time I visit.

2014-04-27 I.Buntings 4


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