Flurries and Such

2015-01-27 Snow Woodpecker No real accumulations this morning, just ongoing flurries here in our little town in central Virginia. Some areas have more or less. Snow is beautiful in any form and it’s always exciting to see as it’s been several years since we’ve had more than a few inches (annually). That said, I’ve never lived in a very high elevation or further north than Virginia (I’m thinking of folks who regularly shovel have to deal with feet of snow annually rather than inches). I’m sure there are plenty of places I could be living and desperately wishing for the snow to be over rather than to see more. 2015-01-27 Snow Junco The grass is always greener, depending on your situation. But I like the flurries. You can still go about your daily day, but it’s a nice serendipity to glance out the windows to see the slow waltz of the flakes as they tumble down.


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