Beautiful Predators

2015-02-28 Sharp-Shinned Hawk

Got a visit today from a local sharp-shinned hawk. We’ve seen this type of hawk around before, but only very rarely. When it does come around, it only perches and observes for a moment and then is off.

While hawks are predators to the birds and small animals that frequent our feeders, they are still very elegant animals to appreciate and are a part of the wildlife who live in our area.


More Snow Days


2015-02-16 Flurries 01

It’s truly uncanny how wildlife reacts to big weather about to happen. Yesterday, our backyard turned into an all-you-can-eat buffet for what seemed like every feathered creature for miles just hours before the big snow hit Virginia. I didn’t get any good pictures then, but we were covered with them.

2015-02-17 Snow 01


Here in central Virginia we got a healthy 6 inches in most places. It was really odd though as that snow came from mostly the finest, shimmering snow dust rather than fluffy flakes. We watched it fall for hours yesterday thinking no way would we get more than maybe 2 inches tops.

2015-02-17 Snow 02


And Mother Nature said, oh ye of little faith 🙂