Like (Four-legged) Ships in the Night

Checked our outdoor game camera we have set up to catch all that goes bump in the night (or during the day when we’re not looking), and it seems our deer are back again…

2015-03-08 Night Cam 2

Just cruising on through the back yard salad bar…

2015-03-08 Night Cam 3

Can’t really tell if that little reflection in the woods the deer seems to be looking at is the eye of another deer or just a random bit of IR reflection from something else.

2015-03-10 Opie Cam 1

And lo and behold even Opie our friendly neighborhood Opossum made an appearance. (You might have to click on the picture and zoom in a bit).


Beautiful Predators

2015-02-28 Sharp-Shinned Hawk

Got a visit today from a local sharp-shinned hawk. We’ve seen this type of hawk around before, but only very rarely. When it does come around, it only perches and observes for a moment and then is off.

While hawks are predators to the birds and small animals that frequent our feeders, they are still very elegant animals to appreciate and are a part of the wildlife who live in our area.

More Snow Days


2015-02-16 Flurries 01

It’s truly uncanny how wildlife reacts to big weather about to happen. Yesterday, our backyard turned into an all-you-can-eat buffet for what seemed like every feathered creature for miles just hours before the big snow hit Virginia. I didn’t get any good pictures then, but we were covered with them.

2015-02-17 Snow 01


Here in central Virginia we got a healthy 6 inches in most places. It was really odd though as that snow came from mostly the finest, shimmering snow dust rather than fluffy flakes. We watched it fall for hours yesterday thinking no way would we get more than maybe 2 inches tops.

2015-02-17 Snow 02


And Mother Nature said, oh ye of little faith 🙂


Flurries and Such

2015-01-27 Snow Woodpecker No real accumulations this morning, just ongoing flurries here in our little town in central Virginia. Some areas have more or less. Snow is beautiful in any form and it’s always exciting to see as it’s been several years since we’ve had more than a few inches (annually). That said, I’ve never lived in a very high elevation or further north than Virginia (I’m thinking of folks who regularly shovel have to deal with feet of snow annually rather than inches). I’m sure there are plenty of places I could be living and desperately wishing for the snow to be over rather than to see more. 2015-01-27 Snow Junco The grass is always greener, depending on your situation. But I like the flurries. You can still go about your daily day, but it’s a nice serendipity to glance out the windows to see the slow waltz of the flakes as they tumble down.

Awesome T-Shirt Tags

The Hubs recently ordered a t-shirt online and it came with a very interesting tag. I was immediately taken by the fun little clothes pin and the unique factor of the tag.

2015-01-23 Clothes Tag

Then I took a moment to consider the retail production costs associated with adding this little neat feature and that we of course paid for that in buying the shirt, effectively popping the bubble of fun it generated earlier.

2015-01-23 Clothes Tag 2

But on further consideration I decided that I didn’t really mind in the end because now I am in possession of said cute little clothes pin to do with as I like and our money was well-spent towards spreading the word about looking after pandas. Because after all, who doesn’t love pandas?

Yup, I’m going with that.

Be Still

2015-01-18 Dove

In preparing for the onslaught of today, I opened up my computer and found this picture on my camera card from a few days ago. While walking to a window then, I had noticed this dove, holding as still as possible, soaking in every inch of the warm sunbeams blanketing the ground.

And I sighed.

No literally, I stood there at the window and just sighed. Immediate relaxation and quiet came over me and I took in the sight of this small creature just being….still.

See, this is why I created this blog in the first place. The occasional glance to the feeders or seeing birds and nature flitting about in the yard reminds of me pretty important stuff every once in a while.

Take yesterday for example. Yesterday was one of those days where stuff hit the fan at work. You don’t even try to take the opportunity to address the mis-steps. Nope. Doesn’t even register. You’re in full-on DEFCON 1 all day long, friend. You’re only potential victory is towing that boat back to the dock at the end of the day in whatever smoldering, crumpled heap it may be left in.

Yep, yesterday was one of those career-considering days we all have every so often.

Once I knew all were out of the woods though, I just slumped in my chair and became still. Sure, it was partly my adrenal glands likely shriveling into prunes and shutting down after the hours-long panic-driven rush. But I was grateful nonetheless to pull up the do-no-disturb status on my computer, hold my calls and just sit quietly for a moment to collect myself again. I recognized and needed the time to be still.

Don’t we all cherish and hold tightly to those moments when our only weapon against the world sometimes is to just step away and find our own mossy patch in the sun and take that one quiet minute? There’s power and necessity in these moments and sometimes it takes a little dove in the woods to remind me.