How It’s Done

2014-01-18 Sees

He spent most of last night and today on airplanes (including a super long and annoying layover) after a week of work-related travel and still walks in the door with a smile, dinner and a box of chocolates.

Husbands everywhere, this is how it’s done! 🙂

*Well a box of chocolates sans the one in the middle I snagged immediately on opening, of course.


Heading Home

2014-04-23 Airplane

I headed home to North Carolina this week. I occasionally spring for a flight instead of driving as the route by highway is a healthy 7-8 hrs in good traffic. It’s a splurge to fly, but it’s so nice to arrive rested after just 2 hrs of actual flying time and not requiring the next day to recover from an all-day drive. The last leg is a short 20 min leg on a very small plane, which I never mind. Seeing the mountains of where I came from appearing in the setting sun is always a welcome sight.

Office Assistant

2013-04-26 Office Asst

My office assistant, Carmen. She manages things while I’m working. Her duties include staring at the phone when it rings, conducting random inspections of my desk when she needs to stretch, and as you can see above, performing quality control assessments on my office chair when I get up…and then not giving it back.