Fall Pumpkin Seeds

My handsome husband is at it again this year, baking up some tasty pumpkin seeds. Autumn-scented candles, check. Halloween house displays, check. Pumpkins carved and on the front porch, check. Inflatable pumpkin displays in the front yard, check.

2014-10-24 Seeds

Tasty pumpkin seeds, perfectly salted and crispy goodness. Check.


Down for the Count

It’s been a long time since I’ve been sick. In fact I would venture it’s been more than a year.  On Wednesday I’d volunteered at an event at a local high school so I’m almost certain this is where I picked up the bug I have. Wednesday and Thursday I was feeling tired, but was motivated with work to push through and stay on track with several items. By Friday I could tell I was fighting off something and by the evening, I was sunk. So it’s been a lot of sleep and tissues this weekend, but not much more than that so I’d rate this round as being on the better end of the sick spectrum.

Our neighborhood had planned a really fun Saturday event that included all sorts of fun Easter activities for the little ones: a bike parade, egg hunt, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and the like. I had gone to the store to buy the ingredients for a super neat Easter treat. But as soon as I knew I had this, I had to call the husband at work to ask him to pick up marshmallow Peeps in a bag so I could supply something without touching it (points for the husband – he put together a fun snack display that we could still contribute even though I couldn’t go). I observed Easter Sunday from the couch, reading the Bible and watching our church’s traditional service on television.

Dealing with the fatigue and aches has left me holed up on the sofa and bed most of the weekend – which has been a good thing. It’s been appreciated in a way; I’ve turned my brain off and just rested. The reminder has been duly noted to self manage my health more pro-actively going forward and take a sick day when it’s needed.

2012 The Year in Review

2012 Gave me a run for my money. Rather, it was a marathon. As we sat at home on New Year’s Eve, we were missing an impromptu neighborhood get-together. We were missing the gathering as I was under the weather with a cold. And I was done in by that cold as it was finally time to be sick and allow myself to finish unwinding from a very challenging year.

The past year I have devoted all hours and free time to work. I have truly given a recent project everything I could and then some. It was a tremendous learning experience and I’m very grateful  for having been given the opportunity to professionally grow and develop in that regard.

Along with that opportunity came the understanding that I also completely dumped and ignored everything I enjoyed outside of work – for the better part of the year. After we moved and the assignment revved up, everything was put aside: books, blog, photography, time spent with family/friends – even our new neighbors would ask me where I was for weeks at a time, not realizing I was in the house working day in and day out.

This year will be spent harmonizing life’s priorities so that I’m able to be a better person to everyone in my life….including me.