More Snow Days


2015-02-16 Flurries 01

It’s truly uncanny how wildlife reacts to big weather about to happen. Yesterday, our backyard turned into an all-you-can-eat buffet for what seemed like every feathered creature for miles just hours before the big snow hit Virginia. I didn’t get any good pictures then, but we were covered with them.

2015-02-17 Snow 01


Here in central Virginia we got a healthy 6 inches in most places. It was really odd though as that snow came from mostly the finest, shimmering snow dust rather than fluffy flakes. We watched it fall for hours yesterday thinking no way would we get more than maybe 2 inches tops.

2015-02-17 Snow 02


And Mother Nature said, oh ye of little faith 🙂



Flurries and Such

2015-01-27 Snow Woodpecker No real accumulations this morning, just ongoing flurries here in our little town in central Virginia. Some areas have more or less. Snow is beautiful in any form and it’s always exciting to see as it’s been several years since we’ve had more than a few inches (annually). That said, I’ve never lived in a very high elevation or further north than Virginia (I’m thinking of folks who regularly shovel have to deal with feet of snow annually rather than inches). I’m sure there are plenty of places I could be living and desperately wishing for the snow to be over rather than to see more. 2015-01-27 Snow Junco The grass is always greener, depending on your situation. But I like the flurries. You can still go about your daily day, but it’s a nice serendipity to glance out the windows to see the slow waltz of the flakes as they tumble down.

Something’s Better than Nothing

2015-01-14 Junco Snow

It was just a dusting, but something’s better than nothing!


2015-01-14 Carmen SnowCarmen the cat is ever-present for window watch duty when snowy weather brings the birds out to feed on the ground below. She treats this job very seriously, of course,

When the weather is bad, it’s tempting to stay inside rather than head out to fill up your feeders. But a friendly reminder, that if you do feed birds (or any other wildlife) throughout the year, they will come to depend on you as a food source, so be sure they always have enough when the temperature drops.



January Mall Shopping

2015-01-10 Fountain

I think I might have lost my mind a little this morning. Why? I went shopping at a local mall. An outdoor local mall. On a Saturday morning. In JANUARY.

Needless to say, it was pretty brisk when I took off from the house.

Below freezing, in fact.

And yet, I went.

Hindsight being 20/20 and all, I’m going with temporary insanity.

Evidently whoever manages the fountains at the mall didn’t get the weather report or make the seasonal change to shut off the fountains. Thank goodness at least the sun was out and made it bearable if you walked on the sides of the walkways where it was shining and slightly warmer. (And can I ask, what in the world was Mr. Shorts And T-Shirt thinking in the picture??!!??) Obviously I wasn’t the only one with insanity problems at the mall today.


R&R Rain

2014-04-15 Rain

Sometimes you need a little rain to fall…in a good way.

Today the temperature is every-window-in-the-house-open pleasant. The pollen hasn’t yet painted the world yellow and everything is gloriously greening up outside.

All morning a gentle rain has wrapped the house in a blanket of soothing sound that didn’t let anything else from the outside world in. There were no other distractions (well other than my work laptop as I tapped away in my office), just mother nature reminding me how relaxing the world can be if I would appreciate little things like the rain a bit more often when they happen. I opened as many windows where the rain wouldn’t blow through and listened while I worked.

A little gratitude is surely due on my part for such a relaxing morning and I hope we all take a moment to enjoy such things when we have them.

Snowy Song Sparrow – Or Maybe Not?

2014-03-03 Sparrow 1

So this guy has me puzzled a bit. It looks like a song sparrow, but I’ve never seen one with the reddish-brown markings on the face before.

2014-03-03 Sparrow 2

Then I was really confused to see it had the same rusty color on the wings a bit too. It’s entirely possible it’s a song sparrow with some variation, but after a quick look through my go-to online source (, I didn’t find a perfect match so far. If I’m wrong and you have a thought as to what it is instead, let me know.

2014-03-03 Sparrow 3

It’s injured its leg somehow and had quite a time hopping around and resting on its belly in the snow while gobbling up seed. He or she will be OK I think as it seemed pretty adept at flying and managing on the ground. This morning I found it huddled under our porch where it’s dry, all fluffed into a ball and moving so that’s a good sign in the bitter cold.