How It’s Done

2014-01-18 Sees

He spent most of last night and today on airplanes (including a super long and annoying layover) after a week of work-related travel and still walks in the door with a smile, dinner and a box of chocolates.

Husbands everywhere, this is how it’s done! ūüôā

*Well a box of chocolates sans the one in the middle I snagged immediately on opening, of course.


Something’s Better than Nothing

2015-01-14 Junco Snow

It was just a dusting, but something’s better than nothing!


2015-01-14 Carmen SnowCarmen the cat is ever-present for window watch duty when snowy weather brings the birds out to feed on the ground below. She treats this job very seriously, of course,

When the weather is bad, it’s tempting¬†to stay inside rather than head out to¬†fill up your feeders. But a friendly reminder, that if you do feed birds (or any other wildlife) throughout the year, they will come to depend on you as a food source, so be sure they always have enough when the temperature drops.



January Mall Shopping

2015-01-10 Fountain

I think I might have lost my mind a little this morning. Why? I went shopping at a local mall. An outdoor local mall. On a Saturday morning. In JANUARY.

Needless to say, it was pretty brisk when I took off from the house.

Below freezing, in fact.

And yet, I went.

Hindsight being 20/20 and all, I’m going with temporary insanity.

Evidently whoever manages the fountains at the mall didn’t get the weather report or make the seasonal change to shut off the fountains. Thank goodness at least the sun was out and made it bearable if you walked on the sides of the walkways where it was shining and slightly warmer. (And can I ask, what in the world was Mr. Shorts And T-Shirt thinking in the picture??!!??) Obviously I wasn’t the only one with insanity problems at the mall today.


Relish the Calm

2014-11-19 Finch

The other day I noticed this little finch sunning itself on the porch railing on a cold day by our feeders. It looked so peaceful and content, it brought me a little moment of relaxation just watching it. It reminded me to try to do the same as the holidays wind down and in preparation for the new year. Hope you are enjoying the holiday season, wherever you may be!

Fall Pumpkin Seeds

My handsome husband is at it again this year, baking up some tasty pumpkin seeds. Autumn-scented candles, check. Halloween house displays, check. Pumpkins carved and on the front porch, check. Inflatable pumpkin displays in the front yard, check.

2014-10-24 Seeds

Tasty pumpkin seeds, perfectly salted and crispy goodness. Check.