Something’s Better than Nothing

2015-01-14 Junco Snow

It was just a dusting, but something’s better than nothing!


2015-01-14 Carmen SnowCarmen the cat is ever-present for window watch duty when snowy weather brings the birds out to feed on the ground below. She treats this job very seriously, of course,

When the weather is bad, it’s tempting to stay inside rather than head out to fill up your feeders. But a friendly reminder, that if you do feed birds (or any other wildlife) throughout the year, they will come to depend on you as a food source, so be sure they always have enough when the temperature drops.




Office Assistant

2013-04-26 Office Asst

My office assistant, Carmen. She manages things while I’m working. Her duties include staring at the phone when it rings, conducting random inspections of my desk when she needs to stretch, and as you can see above, performing quality control assessments on my office chair when I get up…and then not giving it back.