Daily Prompt: Earworm

What song is stuck in your head (or on permanent rotation in your CD  or MP3 player) these days? Why does it speak to you?

Michael Bublé : “Feeling Good”

One of my favorite tunes. I play it when I’m starting the day off right. I play it when I’ve finished the day well. It’s the soundtrack for a feel-good, running-right and making-it-happen kind of day. (I’ve even blared it on the house speakers when the day is horrendous and I’m determined to make a turnaround). You can never go wrong with this one. I dare you to play this song and not be in a better mood afterward 🙂


Daily Prompt: Why Do You Blog?

Why do you blog?

Blogging is breathing fresh air for my brain.

After a long day of  mental computation and containing my thoughts to specific information, being able to throw together a fun post is a relief. I enjoy how I can draft up a thought or a recent photograph, and then its game on as to how I’d like to present it or position the content. I’m no writer – not by a very long stretch. I’m decent with the camera, but there are loads and loads of other folks out there who have real talent as actual photographers. But blogging still allows me to accomplish several things:

  • Convenience – The typical updates for friends and family far away. I share much more interesting information on a blog in addition to the conversations and emails. It adds things they can’t see or know in being far away and includes things that we can’t always cram into quick discussions.
  • Control – I prefer my own blog platform to communicating the same information on other forms of social media.  Granted, there’s always something outside of your control when you’re publishing things about yourself on the internet in any form. That said, I have more control and confidence in managing a blog than I do with other tools.
  • Community – There’s more opportunity to learn new things and see more ideas in visiting other blogs and this only helps you craft your own. I love happening onto a new blog and realizing I’ve found something really interesting to read or learning something new. You also occasionally establish connections between blogs every so often.
  • Checking Yourself – Once you’ve blogged for a while, take the time to review your old posts. Read your own content again once in a blue moon. Hindsight is 20/20 and it’s interesting how you see your old posts and think on why you published what you did and how you feel about it now.

As this is my third blog, it’s all still a lighthearted work in progress. I don’t take myself or my blog too seriously, but I do try to offer something worth your time if you stop by and take away a little something for myself to grow on.

The Daily Post: Share the Love

Tell us about another blogger who has influenced your own online journey.

Though its several days late to post on this prompt from, this suggested topic caught my attention when I ran through my inbox recently and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to express some blog gratitude. I began blogging a few years ago, and was inspired to make several important life changes, due to Elizabeth Harper and her blog Gifts of the Journey .

In discovering this blog a few years ago, I immediately found common ground. The author and I do not know one another personally, but I noticed that we shared similar professional background. That was my hook that got me interested in what the blog contained. As I followed Gifts of the Journey, I was encouraged to read on about Elizabeth’s daily adventures and perspective through her camera lens.

As someone who, at the time, was struggling to find an appropriate harmony between my profession and my personal life, I was hooked. Don’t get me wrong, I have a terrific marriage, a happy home and a successful career; but I was beginning to feel that something else was missing in the category of what I did with my downtime for me. To be able to balance the required amount of input I threw into my job each day, I needed more to counter that in what I did with my free time – I was searching for what defined me beyond the 9-to-5. In Elizabeth’s blog, I found the best example I’ve seen yet of someone who fills every available minute with the important things and who has re-focused her life on the things that truly bring personal joy – not fillers. For me, this blog was a sorely needed guidebook to get started in finding my own life balance and fulfillment of self.

Personal blogs, much like art, can speak to people in different ways; Gifts of the Journey can be a reminder to all that there is so much more to life than what we may think. Even when things are going well in general, your dreams and desires are always possible and worth pursuing.

Daily Prompt: Apply Yourself

One of the many things I love about WordPress is that they provide this nifty site call The Daily Post . This is a site bloggers like myself can receive an extra shot of creativity from in order to consider new and different perspectives to use in blogging. I subscribe to it and receive a daily email that includes a brief question or description designed to spur an interesting topic to consider.

Yesterday’s email entitled “Apply Yourself” asked, “Describe your last attempt to learn something that did not come easily to you”. This stood out to me from the many Daily Post mails I’ve collected as it sums up the entirety of 2012 for me.

I spent all of last year assigned to a new project for work that required me to lead a team of professionals in performing work I was not expert in (but they were) and report directly to a very important customer as being the role responsible for that team’s work. 2012 combined both the steepest learning curve I’ve ever been on with the most stress I’ve ever experienced. For a year. No joke – during work hours, weekends, and in my personal time I worked and worried over this assignment for the entire year.

In order to not only survive in the role and yet still produce quality work, I had to apply myself at a tempo and effort I’ve never known. For weeks at a time, I would work well beyond 12 hr days. Being home-based, it’s really saying something that I’d find myself wandering into our family room some weekend and realizing I’d not sat on my own sofa for days at a time. Television, news and surfing the net were things I simply gave up for small spurts. Once I would wrap up late at night, I’d simply not have the energy or the interest to stare at another glowing screen if I didn’t absolutely have to.

This wasn’t a case of losing myself to my work, it was truly a situation where if I did not put that much work into things, I would not be able to understand the work and thus lose the ability to oversee it. Once a task was needed, I’d not only have to train up on what needed to be done with a mentor or on my own, but then I’d also have to have a team do that work and ensure they did it correctly per timelines (and lead others without letting on that I was learning too). It was not the most desirable methodology, but at the time it was what was needed and I had to forge on.

When I look back on the last year, I feel an enormous sense of pride at what I accomplished and humbly accept the lessons learned as valuable experience to apply going forward. Truly, there were so many positive outcomes that resulted from working so hard at something I initially knew so little about. And while I hope I never have to work that hard for that long of a period of time ever again, if I do, I’ll remember this experience and know I’m capable of much more than I previously thought.