Blend In

2014-20-13 Camouflage

Not that the little bluebird is invisible, but I shot this from roughly 75 feet away and you’d likely not see this guy just in passing by. Amazing how even the vibrant blues and oranges can blend in.


Bluebird Fledgling

A bright spot did finally shine for the bluebird family I’d previously posted about that moved into a bird house we erected in our front yard and later was sadly evicted by a snake. I watched as the parents relocated to my neighbors’ paper box across the street and built another nest. Several weeks later, we were visited by one of their fledglings making short practice flights around the area of our back deck. It was a positive sight to see for our local bluebird family.


Birdhouse Update

Gloom Warning: It’s not a positive update.

I was thrilled when just days after purchasing and installing a new bird house, a family of bluebirds moved in and built a nest. Soon I was enjoying the sweet music of baby birds singing their little hearts out when the parents would arrive with food. I was looking forward to posting pictures in the coming weeks of fledglings and their attempts at learning to fly.

However about two weeks ago, I noticed the box had gone quiet. There was no singing and I hadn’t seen the parents in several hours. Curious, I stepped up to the box outside and peered with one eye up into the hole. I quickly stepped back when I realized that no longer were the little baby birds but a coiled snake. Not knowing exactly what kind of snake it was, I left well enough alone.

I was pretty sure that it was completely harmless as there aren’t that many venomous snakes around here, so I was willing to pin it to the ground and catch it. However, my neighbor wisely warned me that even though it was harmless, I had no idea what germ-ridden meals the snake had recently devoured that might be transferred to me if it lashed out.

After a long wait, it emerged.

2013-07-02 Snake 01

The snake wasn’t terribly large. I watched it slither out and down the pole the house was mounted on. In checking online herpetology sites, I’m guessing it’s a rat snake.

2013-07-02 Snake 02

I was shooting with a long lens that didn’t allow me to capture the entire snake in one shot. It was at this moment that I wanted to catch it by the head and take it out for its (in my opinion) transgressions against my bird family. The sweet bluebird parents had worked so hard building the nest twig by twig and it broke my heart to see the mother bird constantly flit back and forth to the opening in the house knowing something was terribly wrong but not being any match for the intruder inside.

2013-07-02 Snake 03

When you love all the cute and cuddly animals like I do, it’s hard to accept nature in its rawest. But you can’t truly respect nature if you can’t accept the entire circle of it. It still saddens me to see the empty box by my office window, but I can’t fault the snake. It would have done the same thing no matter where the nest had been located, most likely. This same snake will probably now keep our crawl space free of otherwise troublesome rodents (as that’s where it headed to when it left).

2013-07-02 04

My hope is that after I install a cone baffle under the bird house, a new family may find it and take up residence.

New Summer Residents

We’re loaning out a bedroom for the summer – rather a very tiny bedroom, that is. We added a bird house in our front yard and within days a pair of blue birds is building a nest. They’ve been so diligent in their nesting that bits and pieces are coming out of the venting spaces and from the crack in the front door.


Each day I can look up from my desk and see them flying to and from the bird house, working hard on their new summer home. I think next year I’ll planting a climbing vine of some sort and allow it to climb the pole the bird house is mounted on, but I want to give them their space for now.


Bird watching is therapeutic and good for the soul.