Gourds Are Growing

In an earlier post, I’d shared about our surprise gourd patch that grew out from under our deck after a few decorative gourds were tossed there from last year. Since then, the patch has taken off by leaps and bounds. It’s grown so much, we’ve had to wade into the knee-high growth and start pruning back the vines away from the house and the stairs.


While it still looks bigger than the prior post depicts, it’s taken a real haircut. An added challenge has been that it’s been infested with squash bugs. We have to keep a lookout for the gray bugs and cut away the leaves they lay their tiny eggs on. We’ve dragged several long vines away into the woods and have to keep pruning to stay on top of them.


Once the gourds took off, I tossed 2 sweet potatoes we didn’t eat in time down there as well. And of course, we now have sweet potatoes leafing out from under the desk right beside the gourds as well. I don’t expect to have any edible potatoes but, who knows.


We’ll see how many gourds actually end up being picked as we continue to prune against the squash bugs. It’s sure been a fun little experiment though!


While You Were Busy

Funny how things creep up on you when you are busy. The other week I glanced out the window and wondered – what is that?!?


Why, this would be the results of tossing the remainder of our small decorative gourds into a compost pile under the porch this winter after I used them around the house for the fall. Not thinking they would actually take seed and root – boom – we have gourds. I will be very curious to see what actually comes of this wonder and likely will need to figure out what to do with them. Hey, I was wanting a summer garden. Well, now I’m off to a very good start! Is a shame all vegetables don’t grow this easily!