Like (Four-legged) Ships in the Night

Checked our outdoor game camera we have set up to catch all that goes bump in the night (or during the day when we’re not looking), and it seems our deer are back again…

2015-03-08 Night Cam 2

Just cruising on through the back yard salad bar…

2015-03-08 Night Cam 3

Can’t really tell if that little reflection in the woods the deer seems to be looking at is the eye of another deer or just a random bit of IR reflection from something else.

2015-03-10 Opie Cam 1

And lo and behold even Opie our friendly neighborhood Opossum made an appearance. (You might have to click on the picture and zoom in a bit).


Porch Resident

We have a new resident in our home. Actually, a new resident under our porch. Recently I’ve noticed a slow, ambling opossum making its way to and from the underside of our back porch in both day and night. As terrible as I know their teeth are, they are quite cute…from a distance. I grabbed a quick picture from behind the screened window in our dining room just as the little guy disappeared  around a corner.

2013-04-18 Possum

I leave well enough alone with wild animals – as long as they don’t become a problem to us or our neighbors, we’re alright with the parade of wildlife that wanders through our rural subdivision. We likely disturbed a great deal of their home when our properties were built – we owe it to them if they want to walk through once in a while, to let them do so in peace.